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Hello everyone, i have my own T-Shirts brand, i’m just started and i want to ask you guys what do you think about the designs and the style, and what is the best way for me to marketing and promote my brand, and also if you can give me advice to edit/add something on my website/instagram page. my brand name: Richsymbol (Rich$ymbol) , richsymbol.com. thanks for help good luck for all of you🙏
Rich...you are doing awesome! The brand...AWESOME! it's got legs.
The website is very experiential. Excellent. I think the skyline image needs to be jacked up about six levels in quality just like the rest of the website.
The website makes it clear you are NOT competing in a race to the bottom of the price ladder. So keep the quality and purpose at the top.
What is missing from your website is 'WHY SHOULD I CARE?" Trust me, I don't care until you show me you care. This value benefit is essential to the brand value and how this brand is making the world a better place. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about but if you don't I have more.
These understanding are essential to creating your message. Going on social media is a waste of time if you have no vision for the narrative you want to control.
Now we are down to the point of taking a look at your business plan and how your analisys of a Street Wear brand can become profitable and dominate in its space.
Now you will need to spend money to make money. The organic, grassroots method can become perilous especially with Apple, FACEBOOK and Google changing the rules on a weekly basis. Those rules are changed to benefit THEM. They represent the 'middle-sphere' whose intent is the suck the profit out of the commerce stream. Your choice is play ball and pay to play OR be SYMBOLIC of the brand and make the vision you possess light the way to your success.
Hey, you can hit the road running hard with the energy behind
From this attentions getting message you can finish the rest of the story.
Following are the key activities you must know about:
1. List building
2. In bound marketing. (this has nothing to do with one email inbox)
3.Direct response marketing. Did you know that t-shirts are an incredible direct response marketing tool NO ONE USES. And imagine...what doe it cost YOU?
4. Identify the influencers.
5. Be a solution. At this time in the world economy, there exists an incredible opportunity to create a collaboration with others in possession of the Spirit of Things Made. Help them. (#3) then collaborate to help each other create the critical mass to overcome the parasites in the middle-sphere.
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