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What would you pay for this package?

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Hello all- I'm a broker that is going to start doing my own simple design screen printing. A local guy here is selling some equipment as follows: Lawson Flash dryer, Lawson 6/4 manual press, Lawson Encore Dryer, lawson expo light, his computer (no info on that right now but I really don't need it), and approximately 30 used screens as well as left over shirts, inks and misc small items. He is asking $7000 for the package. Is this a fair price? What would you pay for the package if you were buying it?Thanks
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It would depend on the type of Lawson equipment. You can go to their site and compare package deals of brand new equipment. I do know that Lawson is more expensive but they do back up their equipment by making all of it in their factory/warehouse. I would highly consider the purchase, I paid a more for my equipment but I also recieved a heat transfer unit with mine and I have some of the mid range equipment. I hope this helps.
If the equipment is in good condition, it's a good deal. I don't know much about lawson but i'd piece price the big equipment online and you'll get your answer. My dryer alone ran me $4,500.
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