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What would you Choice ? No Electricity or no Internet?

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Just wondering ... :)
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You can't have the internet without electricity...

But if I had to choose I'd choose electricity over the internet.
w/ a laptop you can have internet w/o electricity ~ wireless internet card

but only until your battery on your laptop dies..
hahah yeah i know, my wife and I discussing this all the time were both addicted in using Internet, so yeah i dont know really, but cant live without internet like wise without electricity lolz.
The "power" of the internet is far more usefull us than the power of electricity.
from the internet we get friends, knowledge, profit, sharing ability, growth,happiness,
the list goes on please add your own to the list as to what the internet brings or means to you....(no porn pls, too obvious) :D
Nice one.
instant comunication. no stamps, envelopes or postmen involved.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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