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what would you charge for 10,000 tote bags

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I got a company interested in doing a LARGE volume of bags. 10,000 to be exact. 1 side 1 print. I never done a size this big before. How much would you mark up on total cost. OR how much would you charge just for Printing?? Normally they used to ship it from a different country, and wanted to do it within the states this time.
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With an order that size I would first make sure it's legit and not a scam. Once you determine it's real, start looking for that number of bags and see what you can get them for. I don't know what kind of set up you have but make sure that you can even do that many of them. How long will it take to print 10,000 bags? How much ink will be required to print that many bags? How much in utilities and wages to print that much?

I think 6 1/2 cents a bag is too low. But then I'm working with all manual equipment here.
What size, type etc bags? 1 color print? material of bags?
I'd watch out for that kinda thing--polypropylene bags are disgusting, in more ways than one...
Make sure the money is in your bank account. Why are they coming to you rather than having them produced overseas?
It was a referral from a friends company, they used to get it done oversea's by their parent company which was charging them too much.
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