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Basically ive finished uni and now am struggeling to get a job so the thought of running my own tshirt business is more and more enticing.

Basically im thinking i'll spend this next week putting together a solid business plan (my degree was in marketing) but as part of that i need to look at whats expected to be happening over the next 6 months-year.

Whats on the horizon? Are we likely to see the big companies coming out with new machines. I know bellquette are launching the MOD printer and there are more and more auto-treat machines coming out. What else?

Cheers :)

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Hi Nick, I just wanted to give you the heads up that I had to move this thread out of the forums.

The problem with this type of question about "future" products is that since the products don't exist yet, the thread really encourages manufacturers to make the kind of posts we avoid here at T-ShirtForums, that is "self promotional" or sales posts about their products.

Since the products aren't for sale yet, all it really does is sort of build a "buzz" about "possible" future products that may or may not come to fruition.

This not only applies to the DTG industry, but also to other industries as well. It really invites the boasting type posts like "our XYZ product coming out in 3 months will be the best ever". That doesn't really help someone who is looking to buy in 6 months, because there is no guarantee that the product will be available at that time.

If you want sales information from a specific manufacturer, it's probably best to contact those manufacturers directly to ask what type of products they have coming out in the future or sign up for their marketing mailing lists so they can keep you updated on future news.

By sticking to products that are available on the market today and in use, it avoids the need for manufacturers to make posts about how good their next product will be.

Any questions at all, please let me know.

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