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What type of printing was used here?

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Hello. I'm going to be using 50/50 cotton/poly shirts and i wanted my designs to have a very soft feel, and look much like this oakley shirt. I dont know too much about prints so any advice would be appreciated :D


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Looks like waterbased inks.

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If it isn't waterbased, you could try using a softhand additive like fashion base with a 200 mesh screen. The end result will give you a softer than normal print with your plastisol ink and should emulate that oakley print nicely. Your print won't be 100% smooth like waterbase would be but if done right will look great for a design like this.
You can also achieve this look/feel with plastisol ink. You need to add curable reducer and use a high mesh screen. I've done prints like this with plastisol with little to no feel.
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You guys are killing me.

That is discharge ink. on a 50/50 it will only react with half the fibers which would leave it looking like the original picture. But it would work.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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