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What sort of machine do i need to buy to be able to print wall/car/van/scooter decal stickers and also iphone and laptop skins

What sort of cost am i looking at in buying such machinary don't want anything huge just something small enough to run from a home inviroment?

What sort of costs are you looking at for materials to do this?

Thanks for any help guys you can provide or point me in the right direction

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For vinyl decals you need a cutter. Summa for example. For me they are the greatest one.
For car/wall decals/pictures you need a solvent/ecosolvent or a latexprinter. I prefer latex. This ink dries in the moment and you can continue with the print immediately for laminating and/or cutting.
The solvent ink smells very crazy and you need to have a ventilation in your room.
You can get printer from Mutoh, Mimaki, HP or Roland for example.
From Mimaki and Roland you can get hybrid machines. After printing you can cut immediately.
You wrote you need a smaller one. Perhaps is the Roland VersaStudio BN-20 the one for you. It's small with ecosolvent inks and you can print & cut at one time. Take a look at www.rolanddg.com!
About the costs i can't tell you so much. I'm from germany. The prices for inks or printing material aren't the same.
I hope i have helped you for the first time.
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