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What type of printing is this and what would the MOQ be?

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and I'm happy that theres a forum like this to ask my questions on!

Question 1:
I have a few designs in mind for my clothing line, but was wondering how that 'printing style' is called.
I want my logo on a sweatshirt in this style: https://cdn-1.debijenkorf.nl/web_de...71300000_pro_flt_frt_01_1108_1528_2923376.jpg

I do not need many pieces of this, so does anyone know if I want to make such a sweatshirt how many pieces I would need to order minimum, and what it would cost?

Question 2:

I want to have my logo printed on knitted sweatshirt like this: https://imgur.com/a/HPzrr
But instead of the all the P's, I want my small logo.
Is that possible and if yes how many pieces would I need to order at minimum and what would such a custom clothing piece cost?

Thanks in advance everyone!
PS I am from The Netherlands
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This is not printing. It is a type of embroidery called Chenille.

Check local with embroidery shops. It's a rather expensive method compared to printing and you should be able to get minimums as low as 1.

On question 2, anything is possible. This also is not a print. The logo is woven into the fabric. Then the fabric is sewn into whatever it is you are making. In this case a sweater. Usually no low minimums on something like this; at least at a reasonable price.
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Thanks! I'm going to check with local embroidery companies if they can do Chenille.

What type of minimums should I think of when it comes to that knitted sweater? And what price? Do you know where to get this done?
This probably wont be as "hairy" lol as the pic you posted but an alternate would be a heat transfer "FLOCK" material.

Check it out, price is reasonable and we have used it before. from imprintables.com tho but same material


thanks for another informative post

you have been consistently helpful and not using the forum to simply spam your products
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