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What Tshirt are you using?

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Well i just got my AAA Platinum tshirts in from alstyle.. and to be honest I dont really like the feel of them(maybe personal prefrence) i dunno but it just dosnt apeal to me. So i'm curious what rout everyone else is going.. I'd be intrested in using the cheaper tshirt brands but they all feel like cardboard to me.. The Alstyle AAA Platinum is okay but its kinda thin and kinda scratchy.. so yep just tryin to see what everyone else is workin with.. school time tho so i'll check back tonite.. cya friends
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Gildan (Ultra Cotton) is really good, that is the one that i love. I heard that Hanes has some great T-shirts also but didn't try them yet.
I use Delta Apparel and really like them a lot. Good pricing and quality.
Can you tell me what the pricings like with delta apparal?
We're using Hanes Beefy-T
I only use Gildan for everything from t-shirts to sweats unless a customer makes a special request or I need a special color. Ultra Cotton is the best.
Delta is the same price for one as it is for a case, the killer is shipping on one item, so I always order extra shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies etc.

They have a lot of different weights of shirts, I always use their 6.1oz "Platinum" and for a white adult s - xl it is about $1.06 (2x and above to 5x 2.40) colors go to 1.72 and 3.05 for 2XL and above.

I just ordered their Platinum Longsleeve in colors they run a bit more, white 1.85 to 3.40 and colors 2.05 to 3.75 based on sizes.

The garments are nice weights and with the different weights they sell you can fiund almost everything you need.
How do i order from any of these sites?
From which site in particular?

You can order wholesale Hanes t-shirts from a lot of places online. cheapestees.com, sanmar.com (if you have a tax id), blankshirts.com, etc.

As Jasonda pointed out above, you can also read t-shirts other people are using and consider quality in this thread:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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