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What trasnfer paper do I need to print photo onto black shirts

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I searched and am just not getting it.

Can someone please explain to me (in kindergarden terms) what I need in order to print a photo onto a black 100% cotton shirt (does that matter that it is 100% cotton?) using my Hotronix 16x24 auto clam heat press. I have a photo printer (kodak I think) OR can I just send my photo to a reputable company and they print it on the transfer paper and then all I have to do is press (which is what I'd prefer if it's not too costly). The photos are of people (models) and the photo should span the entire front of the shirt. I've included a mock up to give an example of what I'm trying to accomplish.

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You need a photo paper that is designed for black paper (which has a white background). It would then need to be contour-cut to the photo, otherwise you will simply be ironing a white rectangle with a photo on it to the shirt. You could print black on the whole thing and trim the edges if your printer leaves white margins. If your ink is not as black as the shirt, however, it will be glaringly obvious.

However, for what you are displaying there, you would almost definitely need it to be screen printed onto the shirt. Also, there are no black shirt transfers that get as good reviews as the JPSS for white shirts does. They tend to be heavier, feeling like a sticker glued to the shirt.
Ok that helps quite a bit.. so for it to be professional you would recomeend outsourcing to a screen printer? Is it safe to assume that most screen printers can do this?
I'd outsource it if I were you. All over prints like that are not something that every screen printer can do, however, and it'll cost you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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