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I've never done anything custom, but my Sunday School teacher is running for state house and asked if I could do a minimum order (6-8) of this shirt design. So I had told him before that I could get it done and then I saw the design he's wanting. It has white lettering and then uses a white rectangle with the lettering 'cut' out of it, all of which is ok, but then there is a state of Georgia with the state flag on it which is like 3-4 colors alone on it. I figure I can get this design down to like 4 colors. All I have is a heat press, no vinyl cutters, etc. I looked up and was trying to come up with options and saw something from Stahls....CAD-PRINTZ.

I know that I'd be raped trying to order the minimum plastisol transfers because of all the color change fees, etc. Plastisol transfers are what I know but I figure I can press anything. I was thinking Vinyl would be pretty ok to do but was wondering if you have to line everything up first and press one time or can you build on it? I was looking all that up and saw the Cad printz option and wondered how much (ballpark) those cost for like a 5.5X8 design.

Are there any more options? Like I said, he was wanting them on navy shirts. And Navy is one of the prominent colors throughout the design which I plan on just using the shirt color as it instead of an actual color. But Now with the cad printz I think it'll have to be a full sheet and no weed right?
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. This isn't really a paying job, but me trying to help out my buddy. He's going to pay for everything, but I'd like to keep it as cheap as possible.

Also, I wasn't sure where to post this question but figured heat press general forum would be a good start since that's about all I know I'd be using.

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