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what to start with - table top or rotary press?

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Hello everyone i want to get in to Screenprinting but i don't know nothing about never held a squeegee just seen videos on youtube but i do take it very serious i wanna know what to buy as newbie ? table top or manual rotary press
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Re: what to start with

Do you mean a table top rotary?

Since you are new and never held a squeegee before, I suggest you view more videos and give it maybe a few more weeks. What to start with depends on your determination to get into screen printing, budget, personality, etc.

Personally, I think anybody new to the industry is better off starting small with basic and cheaper(but not inferior) equipment. A 6 color 2 station table top rotary would be nice if you have limited space and want to learn the ropes first. A 4/1 if you are on a budget.

With enough budget and a firm resolution to go into screen printing for the long haul, things are a little different. Go for a 6/4 manual rotary press, flashcure and conveyor dryer. A washout booth also makes life easier but this is easier to DIY.
Re: what to start with

Invest in a trade show and take some classes. Look around the show for ideas of what to buy but don't buy anything until you have a full plan together. If you know someone who will let you look around their shop, do it.
yea space is really the issue and that i dont have any customers i just decided to jump in to the industry

can you recommend any table top that can do it all 1 or 2 stations can work ?
go to screenprinting shows and look at specals from dealers and web sites
yea space is really the issue and that i dont have any customers i just decided to jump in to the industry

can you recommend any table top that can do it all 1 or 2 stations can work ?
The most popular on the cheap side seems to be the silver press 6 color 2 station press costing around $900 excluding freight. A 4/1 is a little limited.
Rotary is definately the way to go.it means you can flash dark goods which is what you will be printing most of the time.
Definitely? I would agree if the beginner has the funds or is serious about screen printing, and for almost all people in the US, rotary is the way to go. However, don't count other printing systems out like the platen-less long table or the in-line/line platen system. Why?

For one, let's see you print these on a rotary

In some countries, most people think that a rotary is the only way to print. That is far from the truth especially for people who started with a line table and/or long table system which is simply simple to setup and tremendously flexible. Even when line/long table users later purchased a US made rotary press, some find it difficult to abandon the line/long table not because old habits die hard, but because they know how flexible it can be (first hand). Actually, some who started with US-made rotary presses later find themselves also adapting a line table or long table setup. Some needed the flexibility of such setup while others simply added it to increase production.

A rotary press is indeed a good investment and I think many table system printers dream of one. However, if a beginner lack funds, is not yet that certain to make a jump into screen printing, or wants the capability to use regular waterbase inks, then alternatives like those by youtees and knight manufacturing, especially the 2 production proven table systems mentioned above, are worthy alternatives.
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I would recommend you go work for a screenprinter for a year or so first, barring that go take some classes then buy your equipment.
thanks guys for all the feed back just bought my 6 color2 station table top press, another question is i will be operating from an 2 bed room apartment i will use one room just to do my stuff but i don't really want to connect a hoes to the bath room or wash out screens in the tub any tips on how i can get it done ?
If you don't want a hose then your alternative is to purchase a pressure washer that can "suck" water from a pail.
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