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What to look for when buying an used gt-541?

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I have found 2 gt-541 for sale.
The first one is a demo ex, it has print 300 times and they want 12 500 euro.
The second one has print around 5000 times and they want 10 000 euro it is less than one years old.

I am going to buy one of this next week.

What should I look for when making the choice??

2500 euro is alot of money for me that I could spend on clothes instead.
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The number one thing has to do with the print heads. Make sure that the print heads are working properly.

The second thing would be whether the demo will come with a warranty. If not, then can you get an additional warranty?

The other things that I would look at is:
1. whether the rubber around the caps looks good (or cracked)
2. how well the wiper cassette looks
3. when the inks were purchased
4. what other platens come with the printer
5. is there a stand
6. any other accessories (heat press, teflon,...) come with the printer.

If you can get a certified Brother tech to look at the printer, that would be best. Just not sure if that is possible by you.

Hope this helps.

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