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Over the last few years I have accumulated many empty sub cartridges. Any suggestions on what to do with them? Is there any value to them.

Here is what I have...
17 - 220 ml cartridges (all colors, all empty)
1 - 110 ml ArTanium Yellow (mostly full)
4 - 110 ml Chromablast (empty)
2 - 110 ml Sublijet (empty)
1 - 220 ml Cyan Artanium (still in wrapper, expired)
1 - 220 ml Black Artanium (Mostly full, expired 1/24/10)

Any help would be appreciated. I hate to throw away if there are other avenues.
Thanks, Mary Ellen

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When we were in the desktop world I did the same thing and thought I was the only one whacky enough to keep them. As soon as we went to wide format and I did the math on the difference of what we paid in ink using cartridges versus what we paid per liter in wide format. After that exercise I got sick to my stomach on how much money we flushed down the toilet into Sawgrasses greedy hands and tossed them so there would not be a reminder.

I will send you a PM withe the cost for the same amount of ink for wide format so you can see what I mean.
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