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What to do if ink lights are flashing?

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I have a T Jet 2 and im not sure what to do when the ink lights start flashing? It keeps printing fine, but then soon the flashing light turns into a solid light and it stops printing, then it takes me forever pressing the ink button to do a head cleaning. Thanks.
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The only way to reset them is to press the ink button once, then the carriage will move over about an inch, then pop out the cartridge with the ink light on, then pop back in place, then push the ink button once more. The printer will go in to a head cleaning and the lights will go off. You can also do this in a middle of a print and after it finishes its sequence it will continue to finish the print.
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thank you, also I have to print 2 coats of white ink in order for it to look good, and it does this almost every other shirt, which can get pricey per cleaning, do you know on average how much one ink head cleaning costs? thanks
Not sure. Your printer also does two different head cleanings. One is more powerful then the other. You will hear the pump run much longer on one of them.

How does your nozzle check look?
Mine does this randomly mainly if its a big print, and does not do a clean when i take them out and put back in etc, sometimes occasionally, after removing all the carts and messing around it will, it has ruined many shirts due to this, once it times out its game over :/
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