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Ok this is my first post so here it goes!

I have a Customer who called me yesterday and asked If I can do all their heat transfers for them. Said her husband is starting a clothing line
she said they have 7-10 desgisn mostly white fonts in cursive type font so I can Just cut It on my heat transfer, So for example one is "VILLAINZ LOS ANGELES" So the villainz itself is on top at about 3-4' tall by about 12-14" width without her giving me any sizes, How do I give a price on this? I mean when they dont give sizes or atleast a range of sizes How do I price out each heat transfer .. obviously here I'd have to do the cut, weed, and mask for transfer... But no Pressing involved.
Please Help !
The Roll I buy is 20" x 75 Ft @170.00 a roll
Using a Roland BN-20 sign maker
THANK YOU !!:confused:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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