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Hello All,

Ok... I am new to the business and was looking to purchase the epson 4880 hybrid printer. However, I just cant see myself buying that printer right now. So, my question to the forum is as follow. What is a alternative printer to buy? I want to print on cotton dark and light not just white.

Other then Chromoblast, what else can I buy, or use for my heat transfer images?

Eventually, I would like to print on poly's. Can I use sublimation ink on a cotton shirt? or is that ink just for Poly materials?

What do you think about a Plotter? Should I buy one, so I dont get the window look when doing a transfer?

and Last

I have done some transfers on poly shirts. However, on all shirts I has created a BIG square mark from the press. Is this happening do to my press to HOT? Some of my transfers give directions at 375 for 7 sections and it still shows a BIG square. What else could be wrong?

Thank you
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I'm an embroiderer just getting into printing, but I hate to see a thread with no replies, LOL.

The only question I can answer definitively is that about the sublimation ink. You can only sub on Poly fabrics. I think I saw someone say they subbed on 50/50, but I don't remember. I'm not ready for dye sub yet. I do know that you can't dye sub directly onto dark fabrics. The fabric must be lighter than the ink colors in your design. Sublimation is going to actually dye the fabric, so dark colors won't work.

I've done done plastisol transfers that left marks from my heat press before. It could be one of a few things. Your press is too hot or the pressure is too high. Each press is different, so even though the directions say one thing, your press may need to be set to something different. Try reducing the pressure. It could also be the "time" that you pressed. Sometimes you just have to play around with it and see what works for what you're pressing. Just make sure you write it down so you don't forget for the next time :)

As far as printer options, there's a few different options out there for both types of transfers. Take a look at some of the preferred vendors on the side and see what kind of packages they have as far as printers and kits to help you get started.

Hope this helps!
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