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What temp should my flash NOT exceed??

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I've been watching some videos and can't seem to find what the temperature of a flash should be before you print your 2nd, 3rd, layers of ink. I use a temp gun to measure my temps. I want to make sure that the top inks are not going to wash off or rub off with my finger nail after I cure them. Just looking for a temperature that a flash should not get over (ie. 300 degrees or?) Thanks a lot for any responses!!
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If you are using the flash just to jell the ink, then you want the time-temp combination to just reach the jell stage. 1000 degrees at 1 inch should jell the ink 4-6 seconds.
If you also cure with the flash, at the same settings you should cure in 20-25 seconds. The temp gun only measures the surface of the ink. Do a stretch test to be sure the entire ink layer is reaching the desired temp, 320 for most inks.
Many will say the stretch test is not adequate, but in 15 years I have never had a shirt to pass the stretch test without also passing in 2 washings.
God Bless.
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