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What sweatshirts do you use?

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I currently print on hanes beefy sweats (hoodies and crews and only white sweathsirts). I think they wash great, are good quality and price.
The only problem I have with them is BEFORE I print on them, they are very fuzzy...what I mean is they have a lot of little fibers sticking up which easily get caught on the print head so I need to wipe the print head after every 4 or 5 sweats to avoid this. I also must prepress the sweats before printing to mash down as many of them as possible, but it is still a problem...and before you say my print head is too close and I should lower the platen that is not the case- they just have a lot of little half inch or so fibers sticking up.
Is anyone using a brand or type of sweat that has a much tighter weave like a tshirt and has very little fibers sticking up? I've looked at the hanes printpro and they seem a little better. Also, not any 50/50 blends- they must be at least 80/20.
Thanks in advance!
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I use the Hanes Printpro sweats and they work just fine ;)
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