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What should I do if my image is not Cutting? getting a message

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I printed out my images on the heat transfer paper last week and now I want to cut it out using the silhouette cameo but when i tried to cut it out i got a message saying there was nothing to cut.

Do I have to print and cut only if my image is showing on the monitor? I'm pretty new to this and I thought that as long as the registration marks were showing that it would cut.

I hope you all understand what I am asking. I also put the letter size paper on the cutting mat which is 12x12http://www.t-shirtforums.com/images/smilies/confused.gif
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First you must draw a line ( thin as it possible -corel hairline) where to cut and than you cut your silhouette.
On Heat transfer must be printed reverse and dry for 24h, than apply transfer tape!
What kind of printer(plotter) are you using, because you must register your color with name(every plotter has a unique name) for cutting.
You have to be in Silhouette Studio and have your image in the program, click the 'send to silhouette' button and it will ask to to print. Since you already printed press 'skip printing' and the cut settings will pop up, select the heat transfer option and click 'send to silhouette.' Make sure you never cover the reg. marks or it wont be able to read them, I use the eraser to clear them if I printed on the whole sheet. And always check your 'cut style window' to make sure its only cutting what you want.
Thanks for the help, I will try that. Right now I'm having a problem with my cameo reading the registration marks. I emailed support today. Thanks again
make sure you dont adjust the registration marks, mark out the cutting area around your image, click on trace outline, click on send to silhouette, click on auto detect registration marks, if the machine says nothing to cut its because you havent told it where to cut :)
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