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What roll width do you buy? Decal Size?

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I need to buy some Oracal 651. The only other roll I ever bought for sign/vehicle vinyl was a 15" wide roll. I have a GCC Jaguar IV which can handle up to 30" media. I mostly do decals for sports and car door/back window signs for companies. Which width would most likely give me the least amount of waste?


Also, when doing sports decals for cars, what his the average size or industry norm?

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As long as you are not doing 1 decal at a time I would go with some wide vinyl. You can arrange the logos to maximize efficiency.

Also on you popular colors you could buy different size rolls, but you would not want 3 sizes of a color nobody will ever use.
I'd stick with the 15" if it's been doing well for you. Once I get my GX-24 I'll be using Oracal 651 15" rolls almost exclusively except for special orders. Most decals I've made are smaller than 15" so that's where I get the 15" size from.

You have to look at the size of the decals you sell the most of. That should point you in the right direction. Probably having some 24" of common colors wouldn't hurt. I could be wrong, but 30" just seems like overkill for most decal applications, and if you do a single order decal it can produce a lot of waste potentially.
Most decals I've made are smaller than 15" so that's where I get the 15" size from.
I agree that most decals would be smaller than the 30" cutter ability, but it would be more cost effective to cut two 14" logos in a 30" roll then it would be doing one 14" logo in a 15" roll.

It all depends on what you think you will be cutting...any kind of quantity it will be better to go with a larger roll.
Well I want to do larger orders like fundraisers for athletic events and schools doing about 5.75"x5.75" decals. So I'd be able to get 5 going across with a 30" roll. So maybe I should order a 30" for that and a 15" for individual orders.

You both made a lot of sense, thank you!!!

Don't forget that if you have say a 10 inch piece 6 foot long, that you can put it back into your cutter and use it. Just because you have a 30 inch cutter doesn't mean you can't use up that 6 inch piece. Anybody doing vinyl will eventually have a big pile of small pieces. You will probably find that you have more choices in 24" than in 30" as far as colors.
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