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What qualities are you looking for in your vinyl?

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What are you looking for when your buying vinyl?
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I'm looking for a heat applied vinyl with a soft, hand,mat finish, easy to weed and apply, shipping cost and price. Siser E-Z Weed is my go to heat press vinyl. Mike
Soft hand when pressed, easy to cut and weed, atill looks good after washings, price and delivery time. There are many vinyl's out there and everyone here will give you their opinion on what they use. I like Thermoflex Plus. It fits all the above for me.
Good, different opinions is what I am looking for.
What pressure are you putting on your cutter/plotter for cutting the Thermoflex and Siser Easy Weed?
With my Graphtec, I use a force of about 15 on the cutter display. This will change with every different mfgr. of cutter. I cut Thermoflex, EasyWeed and Oracal 651 with the same setting.
Thanks Twanabee. Im torn between Thermoflex and Easy Weed, i've been doing heat transfers and I just bought a GCC Ex 24 and trying to decide which would be best for me to start off with. Right now i've been doing shirts for painting companies and cleaning companies, pretty much text stuff and a graphic every now and then. I am looking for something with a light feel, and a soft hand. Kind of leans me toward Easy Weed...?
I lean to Thermoflex. I had a job with small print (3/8") and had a bad time with EasyWeed. Lost the dot over the eye. Just for the heck of it I tried Thermo and weeded better. The hand is good on both but never had a problem with Thermo even through many washes and hot dryer. Seems to get better with age. JMHO.
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i use ecofilm from imprintables.

be aware that manufacturers of vinyl will sell to distributors and in turn make them sell it under a different name than their competitor. so i don't know if thermoflex is the same thing as eco-film or not. but it comes standard soft hand, matte screenprint finish and will outlast the life of your shirt. it also comes in a huge variety of colors (some pantone matched) and metallic, gloss, glow in the dark and neon just to name a few of the varieties.
I like Multicut from Jotos and Thermoflex plus ... matte finish, soft hand etc. Thermo is my fave but find it a bit stubborn to weed.
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