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What purpose does the Very Hard squeegee serve?

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I was talking with some of my suppliers this weekend and was looking to pick up a couple new squeegees and was asking about the very hard squeegee (80 durometer I believe) and for the most part, all they could tell me was most people use the 70 to 75... So, whats the point of the harder one if its not used often? I have 75 and feel like they flex to much when I print. I thought maybe a harder one would be better for me but I am constantly being advised against it.

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So, whats the point of the harder one if its not used often?
It lays down less ink, which sometimes is exactly what you want. Especially when printing on things other than textiles.
Hard squeegees are helpful to minimize smearing when printing colors "butt to butt" without a flash between them. Also good for any other non aborbant applications
really hard squeeges are very helpful with sensitive prints such as simulated process or 4/c process where dot gain in the print can destroy how it is supposed to look.. hard squeeges=less ink deposit=less dot gain
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