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What programs are you using?

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I'm currently or was last using PhotoShop cs4 for all of my designs. What programs are you guys using, I'm looking to diversify my designs a little more
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Well Photoshop 7 is the one I have for photo work, but I've been using CorelDraw since version 2 for vector art and text layout, still have the VHS video the two developers made on its use, Corel 12 is the version I have on my home system.

Aldus freehand is good, trained with it in school. both will do the vector art and text you will need, it really comes down to which you are trained on. If your new to both just review the features.

I like Corel and the price is solid, it also has Photo-Paint, Trace and several other programs in it, will do color separations for printing, but I've always found Photo-Paint several versions behind Photoshop with filters and features over the years, just never managed to catchup, but still a strong photo editing program, very strong and similar in function to Photoshop, I start my work in it then finalize in Photoshop or move to it if it has a filter or function not in Photo-Paint.

Corel is very popular with the windows crew but Aldus Freehand started, like Photoshop, on the Mac so most stay with what they started with. Its your call.

I have trained with all of them and Autocad, 3dStudioMax, Rhino 3D from McNeel, Soft Image, Aldus Page-Maker, Frame Maker, Quark, etc. What ever was needed at the time in the office I worked in.
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