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What program/How do you make a truetype "font" of your logo?

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Hi there!

I have 2 quick questions...

Basically I want to make my logo into a truetype - font "Dingbat".

- What is the best and easiest program to do this with??

- Whats the step by step (with that program)??

Thank You!
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Here's a better question... why?

I'm asking because there's no point to having a font that only has one character.
because I want to be able to put my logo easily on my letterhead in pagemaker.

see you can place images in pagemaker - but they are pixled and if you want to make a pdf it doesnt look right... if your making printed copies ok, but pdf - it isnt working for me.

so I thought if I "dingbat" my logo in a truetype - I can just hit a key and it will look crisp and perfect on my letterhead on all the letters im writing in pagemaker.

I want to make them as pdf's so I can just send them through email.
...see you can place images in pagemaker - but they are pixled...
Probably just an issue with the image's resolution not being high enough. Do you have a vectored version of your logo or an original version in the native program?

If so, convert it to whatever format(s) Pagemaker supports and note the reslution option making sure it's sufficiently high.
you can't create respectable logos with fontstruct or any of those font creation sites that I've seen so far. Maybe you can try one of those scan-convert sites that specializes in handwritten fonts. I have not tried any of them though.

I think most people use fontlab but I am not sure about dingbats. I would like to know too so this posts should subscribe me top this thread.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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