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what print meathod is best

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whats up all!

I am working to start my t shirt line but have some questions about 1) different t-shirt materials. I would like to have my shirts done on something a little bit better then the standard hanes cotton. I want to go for the more vintage shirt and i would like it to be on a finer material. for example I have this great T i bought at H&M its a ribbed cotton look thats a little more tailored. my next question is about print methods. what I want in the end is a shirt that has texture to the image/design. you know how you see a painting or a great peace of art and you touch it and you can feel the texture of what ever was used to paint it. i wan to capture that. I have this DKNY shirt (which i paid 60.00 for then actually saw the images on it in a vector pack i downloaded from go media for like 39.00)
any ways it feels as if the design is painted on. would this be screen or vinyl or what the hell??? i don't know much about that part. i just know that i don't want my great art to come out looking like something thats cheap and will wash away in a few months. any help would be great. also, I have found this site to be a great help in everything i am trying to do!
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Here's an ebook you can read about the different printing methods. As for what you're looking for specifically, I'm thinking screen printing is what you want, but I don't know much about that method. Heat transfers will have a feel to them but it's more of a smooth feeling and not textured.
Thanks very much. I'm on it!!! oh, any ideas about quality T shirt wholesalers. I've been all through this site and allot of others and besides one particular company with vintage washed T's all i end up with is the standard hanes cotton selection.

Thanks some more!
Try www.Bodekandrhodes.com They have a huge selection. They might have what you need. You will need a resale number for them though.
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