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What mesh for non porous surface

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I'm printing on wood coated with polyurethane. The surface is glossy. I'm having trouble with excess blotching on the substrate and spreading out. I'm using Nazdar 2700 series waterbased ink and it is runny. the mesh i'm using is 230. should i bump it up to 305?
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Typically you need to print with enamel ink for non-porous substrates.

If it as option, water-based printing on raw wood and then coating with poly works very well.
I used to use 230 for coroplast printing with solvent inks. Tried the 230 when printing white plastisol mixed with nylobond on some nylon backpacks, and had trouble. Switched to 305 mesh and it printed great. The nylobond made the plastisol runnier, and on the non-porous nylon backpack, one hit of the white was bright and opaque. I was surprised at how well and easily the 305 printed.
Thanks for sharing you experience. I'll try that ASAP. Do you have any advice on keeping the screen flooded without pressing ink through. The water based nazdar is pretty thin. I might switch to ryonet's ink because it's thicker and may not seep through as much. With the fine mesh and water based ink the mesh really clogs up.
Try to draw it as lightly across the stencil as possible, pretty much letting the squeegee ride on a cushion of ink. You want to cover the open areas, not fill them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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