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What Laser Printer Can I Get For Self Weeding Transfer Papers

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Hi people,

I am new to the printing business and i just got a heatpress, vinyl cutter and a sawgrass sublimation printer. I also came across a self weeding transfer paper which i believe will make my work easier but it also requires a Laser Printer. My question is will my sublimation printer work or will i need to purchase a laser printer again and if i have to which is the best entry level laser printer i can get?
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OKI is the only printer I am aware of that supports WHITE toner.
It is my understanding the transfer media must be matched to the print method and the garment to which it will be applied.

However, there may be other considerations to embrace. If the product is intended for single use (convention or event based), use and throw away, laser would be ok. However, in my opinion, the durability of laser transfer is still in question. To date I have not read a post by a laser user supporting durability over 10 washes while DTG easily goes 30 washes+ and sub for as long as the fabric stays in tact.

I am looking forward to a host of LASER printer USERS correcting this assumption.
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Thank you very much lancer. I guess i'm getting an OKI printer then. As for DTG i can only outsource now as i dont have budget for this now. This paper(https://www.forevertransferpaper.com/laser-dark-no-cut) promises to be as durable as DTG i will try it and get back to you on this. Thanks again
iColor sells a rebranded OKI and they are claiming 100 wash durability if you follow their wash instructions. I'm waiting for a sample shirt from them to do my own testing. I got a shirt from OKI at ISS in Atlantic City 2 weeks ago and threw it in the wash with everything else as I expect most of my clients would. I was not impressed with the results...

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