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what kind of t-shirts do you sell?

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out of curiousity, since a lot of us want or have t-shirt companies, what kind of shirts do you sell? is your company successful? are you working within a niche market or does your product appeal to a wide spectrum of customers?
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We sell funny shirts online, but our primary business is DTG fulfillment for other online companies. There are so many funny tee companies out there, it requires a huge and significant investment (money and time) just to make a dent in the market.

We morphed our business model into a turn-key fulfillment printing company (website development, order automation, printing, and shipping) which not only enables smaller printers and tee shirt guys to get into the business, but also give us sustainable business.

Note that "morphed" is probably more like "forced to morph" because of our large upfront investment and our inability to find a consistent, reliable printer. (There sure are a lot of guys out there that print from their garage!)

In retro-spect, we definitely underestimated the amount of competition. Just like any business, though, it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

Best wishes to you.
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nice. may I ask how tough the market is for you? do you at least make a profit at the end of the year or do you barely break even?
Both business are profitable. The margins on our own funny shirt business are obviously higher, but the volume through our printing site brings in a bigger piece of the pie. We also do embroidery, screen printing, AND dtg, and a lot more than tshirts, so our offering appeals to more than your typical funny tee customer.

(We're also in Chicago, which to be honest, helps because it's such a big market!)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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