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Hello everybody,
Well my artist/art director has the first designs of the company finally underway, and they seem promising. It caused me to naturally get ahead of myself and start thinking about expansion.

I began wondering what the process is of obtaining and maintaining a business connection straight with the textile manufacturers. How small/large can the minimum order be from a fabric supplier? Are there companies out there that will cut a blank t-shirt to specific measurements and then send in bulk?

What are the technical/practical methods that these big companies use to produce their clothes? I mean, in order to produce hundreds or thousands of BLANK clothes, what kind of machinery and workforce is called for? If I wanted to start from scratch(fabric), and produce hundreds of shirts of specific measurements, what would I need? Interested in producing the blanks rather than buying them.

I realize this is kind of a lot. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. - NS
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