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What kind of paper is the best for pretreat and curing ink

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I have been researching the correct paper to cure the pretreat on dark tees and the cure of the ink on dark tees. The forum seems to have many pro's and con's regarding this. Some posts have quilon has a chemical and you shouldn't use it as it goes into the shirt, and that is not good. Some posts have parchment paper works for both, but others say it does not release. Does anyone have any current information regarding the paper best to use for both processes, and the best place to purchase it?
Many thanks!
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i really like the Stahls Kraft paper. i have used one sheet over 300 times before on CMYK only prints. for the darks, i use it until it starts sticking to the print, then it gets used on the light shirts.

the quilon paper works fine, but doesn't last very long and it gets wrinkles in it. i have also used parchment paper, but again, it doesn't last long and it wrinkles.
Why do yo use it on lights? I have a Brother 541 and I do not have to use anything on it. I am getting a NeoFlex and you do have to use 'paper' on both white and darks-do not know why it is needed on lights.
it provides a barrier between the wet ink and your upper platen. mine is Teflon coated, so i may not need it, but i would have to clean the ink off of it periodically. this way the upper platen stays clean.
Thanks-I have teflon on my upper platen so guess that's why I have not used on 541.
also, my Teflon sheet tends to leave the print "shiny". the other different papers don't have that effect.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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