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What kind of ink do I use?

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Hi it's me again :) My Epson Workforce 30 arrived, but now I'm buying the next piece. I found this CIS.


I'm making my t-shirts strictly with heat transfers, such as these.

Transfer Paper - Transfer Papers for Ink Jet - JET-PRO

Heat Press Paper, Heat Transfer Paper T Shirt, Heat One Paper Step Transfer, Tee Shirt Printing Paper - Tshirt Supplies

Should I go ahead and get that bulk system? It says it's specifically for sublimation. Is it the correct ink to use? Not dye based?

And and and... last but not least, is this brand considered tight weave?

(champion brand) vneck tagless short sleeve womans.
Do they sell this in bulk?

Thanks for your time. You're all very helpful since earlier :)
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1. Buy your ciss from a dealer that will provide support. Check www.inkjetcarts.us.
2. With these transfer papers you chose, the inks you need are pigments.
3. Sublimation requires special transfer papers and inks.
oh that's it. pigment inks! sorry, i remembered sublimations are for polys and such... ok ok got'cha!
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