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This is coming from my position as a emerging clothing brand. I wish i knew everything and theres a good chance some of this is useless info.

Seeing as theres a lot of bull**** on here but also some really helpful people i decided id post what I've done and learnt so far.

Vector graphics are what they want, so give it to them! failing that make a high res A3 size psd with no background.

If your wanting to reduce the number of colors use the duo tone function in photoshop - it's quick and easy.

Get a book FFS trust me you need one it's an expense you can't escape

Woven are classier, shop around. if your planning to charge a premium then you need your own custom tags its a must.

Subtle can be the most striking. don't over do it, if in doubt get a professional. offer them a commission per shirt with their design.

set up a process don't run around messing around. Set it up from the outset. Get a shirt suppiler who can retag or send to a re-tagging facility, get them to send it to the printers.

Get invoiced don't pay cash, if they insist work to getting invoiced.

there is a pricing structure cheaper than wholesale its called reseller. Ask!

The same design printed on a different color shirt isn't a different product its a variation. don't go for big margins to start with go for a wide range

don't give them unless you've been trying to sell for a while and haven't had much luck

Price skimming
have a high price per shirt then drop it for a sale and sell them that way, the big brands do that.

everyone wants to start a clothing brand, own a bar or a video production company. Unless you've got a niche thats not getting exploited don't bother. Everyone also thinks they're good at marketing.

Pay the money
don't be cheap pay the money to get it done properly.

Be a perfectionist
If your not your wasting everyones time.

a shirt is a shirt marketing alone can be the difference between a cheap one and an expensive one.
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