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I think tubular is a personal choice, some like it and some don't. I kind of like it myself.
Tubular is where the shirt does not have side seams but is continuous all the way around. I like them because I don't like side seams :) Hope this helps to explain what it is :)

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In terms of comfort, etc, it may be up to personal choice.

But a tubular shirt is considered to be a lesser quality shirt than a side seamed shirt. It's cheaper for t-shirt manufacturers to make, which explains why tubular shirts are often less expensive.

You can't achieve as nice a cut with tubular shirts as with side seamed, and after repeat washings, tubular shirts can twist and lose their shape.

You couldn't do a more high end fashion-y t-shirt with a tubular blank.

But, lots of people like 'em and there is definitely a place for them in the market!
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