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What is the most common typeface (font) for writing text on t-shirts?

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What would you say is the most common typeface (font) for writing text on shirts?
Just wondering what looks the best.
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I don't know if there is a "best" or "most common".

It really depends on the design and saying. Some use Helvetica, and others get fancier and match the font to the phrase.
A better question would be "What fonts are more appropriate for (some) style of t-shirts". If you're doing horror you might want a blood drip font. If you're doing sci-fi you might want a monospace futuristic font.
I am sure "survey" all the t-shirts ever printed in a particular time frame or in a certain country/area a certain font would turn out to be the most common or popular. I just don't think that there is a favorite among printers.

But as posted, it depends. People doing jerseys may find themselves musing one of those collegiate fonts more often.

In my case, I use one of those stencil fonts more often. for military type artworks. For vinyls, I prefer long or more condensed fonts for the reason that it gives the letters a little more room to stick or hold on to. I also think most (especially shorter) text looks better this way. But I try to use different typefaces so most of my shirts won't have the same font.
I thought that something with italics might look good. It gives the appearance that "This is important, read it".
I want to print shirts with quotations and sayings and funny/crazy/kooky stuff on it. I was just wondering which style would best suit that look.
Once I get a look, I should stick with it so that all the shirts should look the same. I don't wanna find something midstream and change the look too much.
Know what I mean?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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