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What is the difference between ring spun and soft spun?

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I am looking into purchasing some Anvil shirts. Does anyone know the difference between ring spun cotton and soft spun cotton because Anvil advertises different style shirts as either one or the other (or neither)? If so, please let me know!
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There probably isn't any difference in the quality. The soft spun is probably produced using a more modern technology than a spinning wheel (which is used to produced ring spun cotton). But it may be worth getting a sample of each to compare them.
Ring spun will not fuzz up. This is the best for DTG printing. Not as soft to the touch but the fibers don't lift up after washing.
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Soft spun sounds like marketing lingo.

Ring spun is an actual process that is common across several manufacturers, but soft spun sounds like they are trying to do something to make the t-shirts softer, but it may or may not be actually "ring spun".

Or it may be that they are trying to use more "common" language to explain "ring spun" to people that may not know what the ring spun jargon means. Soft spun definitely sounds more "descriptive" of what ring spun does for a garment.
Here's a couple of videos from Bella that describe ring spun t-shirts vs the regular cotton t-shirts like the Gildan 2000

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Aaah.. it would make sense as a marketing ploy. Thank you :)
In my Tshirt world, ring spun is what folks look for when they AA feel but not their price. They are great feeling wear and great results for heat pressing with vinyl.
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