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I am trying to start a online heat press business by using plastisol transfers. I am new to this business so any help would be great. I do not want to limit myself too much also, for example if I need to do a vinyl transfer or rhinestone transfer press this machine needs to be compatible with that as well. Trying not to spend a crazy amount as well. I would like to stay within the $300-$400 range if possible or cheaper.

I am torn between the following:

1.PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Machine, 15"x15", Black

2. HPN-BLK-1515

3. MPress 15" x 15" High Pressure Heat Press Machine

4. TransPro 15X15

Which one should I do?

Thanks in advance!


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i'm biased towards the transpro,
because proworlded is a regular contributing member here
(and the large amount of good reviews it gets)

you could also try looking for used in your area,
post what you find here for advice before purchasing though (because there are no warranties this route)
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