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Hi Friends,

What is the best t-shirt printing setup?

Setup i am planning:
1. Heat Press
2. Vinyl cutter
3. OKIDATA white toner printer

please share your suggestions.

That's a little like asking "What kind of car should I get? I'm thinking about a Ford."

It all comes down to what you are looking to accomplish.

What kinds of volumes? I personally am 100% focused on smaller orders (a couple dozen or less) and really pursue the idea that I have no minimums. With that, my OKI 920wt (white toner) printer has been perfect. I did start with a vinyl cutter but found that it was just "way" too time consuming and have since stopped even offering it.

If you're expecting to do higher volume orders, you're in trouble with the white printer and/or vinyl cutter. While I can easily compete with the traditional screen printers if someone just wants a dozen shirts, those same screen printers can kill me on pricing if they're ordering four dozen shirts.

1). Decide what you're going to focus on, what is your niche,
2). Do a survey in your area to see what competition is happening and what their pricing is.

Only then can you even begin to decide if it's worth your time (and money) to get started.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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