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What is better then Brother GT361 ?

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we have 2 Brothers GT361 machines. We use theser pritners every working day for 5 years. It was big jump from old Epson Tjet printers, but now, it is time to look for something better.
What are our main problems with Brotgers GT3

1. white head clogging
we changed a lot of print heads during 5 years. We do regular maintanance cleaning, good humidity etc. but I dont belive, that the problem is cleaning, it is general problem with this printer

2. costs
- cartridge ink is expensive
- head cleaning (and white tube cleaning) is very expensive
- maintanance cartridge is is just piece of plastic and it needs to be change every yeard (price is apx. 350 USD)
- problems, for example, now we have error code 6108 and nobody nows how to fix it :-(

Brother offered us new GTX, but I am not sure. They saying how amazing improvement it is (same told us about GT361).

So, what DTG printer is better and cost effective against Brother?
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