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The good way is to have a plan and be profitable from day 1.

Adding the designs you like or adding the designs you think that sells, printing and stocking them and trying to sell them fast WILL NOT HELP.

01) Analyse the market, find a Niche(couple, Cricket, Movies, Cartoons, Sports, Religion etc) where you have a genuine interest.

02) Create simple but connecting designs

03) Create a brand with Google friendly e-commerce website(Shopify to start), social media pages (Zoho connects 5 pages for easy follow-ups), Youtube channel, shout out your brand in all possible creative ways. And keep gathering followers.

04) Find a reliable T-Shirt drop shipper and open an account. Create mockups and fill your website with products. Launch your site with a minimal marketing budget.

05) Sell to your friends, family, social media followers, marketing audience. Keep following each customer closely and learn from them.

06) Repeat the process of creating connecting designs, shout in creative ways. Take every customer seriously and live your brand.

07) While the brand grows, you can screen print some bestselling t-shirts and stock them to reduce costs and introduce other products.
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