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What is a good Heat Press to buy for small business?

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Hi, I am looking to purchase heat press along with printer, I have viewed so many I am going CRAZY, I really like the epson 1400 ink magic printer and really confused on which heat press would be the best purchase for my small business. Any help would be GRRREATLY Appreciated!!:)
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I really like the Insta Graph brands, I bought a used one years ago ( its's not a digital one ) but it works great. I'm sure other brands work just as good. But I would recommend that particular one.
Unless you want to print on CD's I would look at the Epson 1100 with the cobra ink system. Way cheaper on ink and only uses 4 instead of 6. I have printed so many prints I lost count and my bottles aren't even half full yet....

The 1400 is also great but I understand ink can get expensive. I have the 1100 with the pigment ink good luck with whatever you get
If you are looking for an inexpensive start up
28" MH-721 vinyl cutter $250 @ uscutter ebay (you will be able to do shirts and signs with vinyl cutter)
Epson 1100 $200 @ office depot
Ciss $35 @ ebay
pigment ink 5x4oz $50 @ nanodigitalink.com
sublimation ink 5x4oz $128 @Nanodigitink.com( will need another printer for sublimation)
15x15 sunie heat press $270 @ sunie.com

Total start up(with out sublimation ink and second printer) $805

These items will get you started in tell you can afford the others
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There are many heat presses to choose from that are adequate for your business. Just make sure to purchase from a reputable company who will provide reliable customer service if needed.
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