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What I need for this type of Table Setup T-Shirt Screen Printing (See Picture & Video) MUST SEE

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Hello friends, I'm Sunil from India
I'm newbie to t-shirt printing industry want to start t-shirt printing business with low-setup-cost with this type of table-setup screen printing. I shown a video on YouTube t-shirt printing/ b-ads graphics icon - YouTube (Skip to 2:00).

My Question is What Types of Materials I Need To Setup This Type of Table Setup T-Shirt Screen Printing and how they are printing CMYK or 6 or 8 color on t-shirt and not doing any printing misplace or any mistakes to print multicolor and how they manage it and quickly printing multicolor without any setup.

I will be Grateful if anybody will answer my questions.


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They must be using water-based inks and registration of the colour must not be crucial...

I've printed a variety of substrates with a variety of machines both home-made and professionally built and I can honestly say that to try to print like this is insane...

The time involved in running an operation like this is not profitable. Each shirt needs to be loaded on a platten of some sort before printing and then needs to be placed somewhere to dry. You will find that you rapidly run out of floor-space.

Also, very few jobs come with the loose registration that this process affords. I print decals and there is no way of doing that by placing your screen over the image and finding the closest-to-correct place to print. You could be out by a cm any direction and you might as well throw the stock away before you start.

Also, if you know nothing about how to screen-print this is a recipe for disaster. I've taught screen printing and I would never suggest someone print like this...

If you're bent on table-top printing get some screen clamps.
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