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What I learned from my first couple of events.

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Well guys I stocked my whole inventory and went to my first couple of events the past 2 weeks.

They both turned out great, but could have been better if I had done more market research.

The first events was at a local motorcycle shop, I was able to set up right out front with everything on display and it went great. I got a ton of good feedback on the quality of the shirts and the designs as well as the professionalism on how my booth looked. I sold a good amount of apparel and even got to use my Go Payment card reader a few times which people loved.

The next event was Bike Night at a local bar, they let me have a prime spot at the front of the bar which was good. The downside was that a rally was going on out of town and a lot of people had already left for the rally so Bike Night wasn't as big as it usually is. But other than that it was still good, had a lot of great comments and advice given to me and sold a good amount of apparel.

Here's what I learned...You do need to research your market in depth before getting out there. I researched what bikers liked as far as designs go but I did not research sizes and buying habits.

My biggest examples are; I bought S,M,L,XL for all my designs but didn't ever think about the fact that a lot of bikers are old fat guys hahaha. When asked for a 2XL or 3XL I was forced to turn them down. I now know that I will need to drop the amount of smalls I ordered and order 2X's and 3X's. Another thing I learned was how the wives of bikers are the ones who spend the money. I have womens shirts but didn't order any yet thinking I would sell to all the guys. Realistically thats not how it works. I had many females that came up to me and said "don't you know that women do all the shopping and when the guys come to see what they're buying, then they usally will buy too". Because I had no womens shirts printed I missed out on a ton of sales. So make sure you do your market research and find out every little thing you can, it will make a difference.
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