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What Graphics/Artwork Styles are you being asked for?

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I'm always interested in keeping up with the latest needs and trends in the industry. I was curious to know from the screen printers what categories/styles of graphics they find themselves using or needing a lot of recently? (like: "affliction" style stuff, mean mascots, plain sports art, wings, MMA art, etc). It seems like the "Affliction" and tattoo styles are still very popular and asked for. And of course, your general high school athletic stuff. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Our graphic design customers are looking for a had drawn, hand painted look when they come to us. We use custom created elements and some times stock hand drawn elements in our designs. But that is just the type of graphics we have built a reputation on and get referrals for.
Thanks Mark, so you get asked for more of the Photoshop painted look? What actual art requests are you getting a lot of? School stuff, small business, skulls, wings, etc?
I still get a surprising amount of skull and wing design requests.
Yes, I've noticed that myself too.
One other thing we have a good reputation for in graphic design is unique typography. My old designs on my pathetic website don't show that, but I have developed and grown in that aspect of design in the last few years a lot.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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