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What font is this

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Anyone know what font was used in this image? I tried using What the font, but it did not help.



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Serpentine. Skewed at about 145 degrees and rotated about 10 degrees.
THANK YOU!! You are awesome!
If you ever need to figure out I usually visit WhatTheFont for a quick reference. Its really helpful.
What the font is an awesome resource but probably wouldnt help with this one as it has outlines and is skewed pretty heavily. What the font is great when you have a reasonably clean image and flat text.
Ya it didn't work very well on this image. I tried it before I posted on here. It did not pick up any of the letters.

Thanks for all of the help again!
I love this forum!
Try this and let me know do you found ? then i will tell you the name !
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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