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Hi, I am from India..

I love Tees, good typos and edgy designs and everything that goes to make great tees. So I thought i will follow my passion and get into the Tees business..But I have a lot of beginner's doubts.

Which is the best garment to make Tees? The ones that big brands like Nike and UCB uses? Do they have any special treatment/process to ensure quality of garments? Are these the same garments that small/medium manufacturers and online entrepreneurs use?

Is Screen printing the best option for printing on Tees? What do big brands do? Which are the other processes available? Which one do you suggest for new tee businesses?

I havent yet decided whether I should retail, sell online or get into the custom-making business. What is the expert opinion?

Can someone help me with these basic questions? And any other information that will help a new comer in the Tees Business.

Thanks and regards

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