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what else do i need after puchasing a vinyl cutter to make it work? i've heard some things about additional software needed???

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i want a 24" vinyl cutter, but i hear that the software can be very expensive. can you guys tell me alittle more about this software that needed as well, because i dont want to spend an arm and a leg on this software after spending a head and a foot for the vinyl cutter!!! do they have package deals for both the cutter and the software??? is there anything else i will need to make the cutter work???
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If you bought a new cutter many of them come with pre-packaged software.
Check to make sure that the cutter you purchase comes pre-packaged with software, and make sure (you can ask us!) it is decent software, as some inexpensive cutters ship with poorly functioning software.

Also, more than likely you will also need graphics software such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator.
Call Katie at Digital Art Solutions. They sell complete packages and offer superb customer service to get you up and running as well as through the learning curve. Their software has helped me very much. I am not affiliated with D.A.S. , I am just a customer who has been treated well.:)
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