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What else can I do for my brand?

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Hi guys/gals,
I'm new here and I'm looking for ways to take my brand to the next level.
So far, we have 1,100 facebook fans and we have sold out of our first shirt (we printed 25, sold them for $20 each).
We have another batch which we just ordered and we're selling out of those quickly as well.
the only social networking we're doing is facebook and twitter.
we have a store but nobody has bought anything on there yet... we are doing a lot of word of mouth promotion and thats how we sold out of our first shirt..
we hand out flyers, business cards and wear our clothes in public (ex: malls, grocery stores etc).
we work with up and coming music artists by interviewing them and posting stuff (like press releases) about them on our facebook page (cross marketing). in return, we get their fans as well. one of our friends wore our shirt and put it on his mixtape album cover.
there is a local high school which we have a good handle on because its right across the street and my friend used to go/play on the basketball team there.
we are going to participate in a fashion show at magic mountain in September.
We are trying to talk to a few places in the mall and trying to get them to sell our shirts... but we need to get tags and sku numbers and whanot first... we're not ready for that yet, but we will be soon.
we also did a fundraiser carwash too.

So my question is... what else can we do?
I dont think google adwords would work for us since we dont get any buyers on our website....
any ideas?
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Shades from dangshades.com These are my fave i sold out of one dozen for 15 bucks each in 3 days!

belts from miles to go belts... getting these next!

New era custom hats :) maybe later!

Custom shoes haven't figured these out yet! but osiris would be cool company to have make customs!
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