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what DTG printer should I choose -

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hi there Everyone,

I am looking at buying a DTG printer and have read all of your comments. What I would like to know is if there has been any new development since these posts were made( November 2007). I am based in Cape Town, SOuth Africa, so not only am I looking at investing a huge amount for the machine, if need be I will need to get it here. Can anyone recommend a DTG machine that can fit into my 'kiosk' type t-shirt business? Obviously, the cheaper the better - but the quality is my main focus. At the moment I am using transfers but the schlep of cutting out designs and the hardness of the printed item does not suit my business (I do mostly baby and children t-shirts and oneies). Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am still a toddler in this industry but it is time to grow up and face the big boys......:confused:
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Hi Sene,

Hmm I am not sure which distributors there are in South Africa or ones that ship there. I think that is the first thing you need to figure out, is what is available to you. Here is a thread that might help learning things about each machine http://www.t-shirtforums.com/direct-garment-dtg-inkjet-printing/t41520.html. that thread is from owners of all the different machines and why they own them. It should be able to help as it does have some pretty current information in it. I hope this helps some, but my first thing I would do is find out what is available and then go from there.
thanks so much BobbieLee, I think you are right 'coz right now my head is so full of different machines, its driving me crazy... so I am gonna start from the beginning and see what is available locally as the shipping will cost a fortune. Love your shop, I also focus mainly on the kiddy market and trying to get ready for the soccer world cup that is here in 2010. thanks again for your help
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