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What do you use to register your jobs?

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Share photos if you'd like or tell about your techniques. How do you register your jobs be it a single color or 6 color job. Do you use a jig or a registration board. Just looking to see what is out there.
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i bought a sheet of white poster board at dollar general, for a buck.

i spent about a half hour or so, drawing my platen on it. as well as my print head, and my standard screen.

so i have the exact layout of where my screen lands on my platen.

then i put center lines, and tick marks from the collar down, etc..

on my positives, i print top and bottom registration marks.

then i lay my art work down, put some tape on the four corners, and lay my screen right down on top of it, and press on the tape.

i do it inside my exposure table, so i have the screen up against two sides, as is the reg board.

perfect placement everytime.

takes me less than 30 seconds to get my screens fitted with artwork and ready to burn.

takes me a few seconds to get lined up and micro regged on the screen.

only cost me a buck to make.. and has saved me hours in setup time.

gimme a few minutes, i'll go out and take some pics.
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my 1$ poster board with my center lines, tick marks, frame outline, platen outline, and print head outline. etc..

here the outline of my print head and the screen frame outline

here you can see the outline of the platen and the outline of the frame.

once i determine where i want my artwork on the shirt, i lay it on the board and line it up on the center line.

notice here that my reg board is pressed tight to the end board and the side board.

then i lay the frame on top, making sure it is also pressed up against the end and the side.

took less than an hour to make it.

takes less than a minute to line up any job
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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